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Pebble Beach



I offer Clinical Supervision informed by an integrative framework. My approach is relational and collaborative with an openness to exploring the various lenses through which your work takes place, in the service of the clients you support. 


My supervision practice aims to provide a space to explore, learn, reflect and deepen insight to all aspects of your client work, your professional practice, your personal and professional development and ethical challenges. 


Working relationally means our relationship plays a core role in supervision. I may draw attention to aspects of our dynamic, where appropriate, to deepen our understanding of processes relevant to the clinical work. I welcome authenticity, questions, fears, openness and honesty. 


In addition to your client work, supervision can be a safe space to explore other professional issues and development, ethics, transferential processes, personal issues impacting work such as confidence, developing your practice or approach, and managing self care.  


If we agree to work together I will provide a contract outlining some of the working agreements between us. 


I offer one to one supervision, face to face, online or via telephone.   


I am also developing workshops for practitioners to enhance their self care and manage the ongoing complexities of their caseloads. 

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