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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state of relaxed, focused attention in which the unconscious mind is more accessible and open to change. During a trance state we are able to explore and access the creativity and resourcefulness of the unconscious, create positive change, learn about our habits, beliefs and behaviours, including the barriers that prevent us from reaching our potential.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The application of hypnosis in therapy is underpinned by a robust psychotherapeutic framework, including cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic approaches, enabling a safe, structured, goal-orientated and ethically sound approach to addressing a range of issues and symptoms. The number of sessions may vary according to the issue and the individual.

Some of the issues worked with  include;

  • Anxiety, stress, fears and phobias

  • Childhood issues

  • Trauma and abuse

  • Confidence, self esteem and identity

  • Symptom management and chronic pain management

  • Body image issues

  • Sports Hypnosis and performance enhancement

  • Stopping smoking

  • Habit based behaviours

  • Creative development e.g. writers block.

There are many other issues for which hypnotherapy may be appropriate, please contact me to book an initial session to explore your needs.

Hypnotherapy: About
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